Kornelija Janonytė

Kornelija Janonytė Kornelija Janonytė Attorney at Law

Mobile: +370 6 106 84 77
Fax: +370 5 275 69 97
Email: kornelija@spes.lt 

The attorney-at-law Kornelija Janonytė specialises in the fields of corporate and commercial law, real property, has more than 17 years of dispute resolution experience. The attorney-at-law consults clients on transactions of mergers and acquisition of companies, real property, aviation sector (aircraft purchase-sale, lease), project financing and other transactions. The attorney-at-law represents clients before the courts of Lithuania in civil proceedings, disputes over contracts, public procurement, insurance, construction and other issues and represents clients in administrative cases.

1997-2002, Faculty of Law of Vilnius University, Master degree in law.

Main fields of action:
Corporate and commercial law, real property, public procurement and dispute resolution.
Professional activities:
In 2001 started to work as a lawyer at the Lithuanian Related Rights Association. In 2002 started to work as an assistant attorney-at-law in law firm SPES and has worked as an attorney-at-law at law firm SPES since 2005.
Lithuanian, English, Russian.