Eglė Jagelienė

Eglė Jagelienė Eglė Jagelienė Attorney at Law

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Eglė Jagelienė specialises in the fields of dispute resolution and corporate law, has valuable experience in insolvency (bankruptcy, restructuring) proceedings, constantly advises clients on various transactions, issues in relation to real property and construction law. Furthermore, she has accumulated extensive experience in advising clients and representing them in tax disputes.
In 2005 graduated from the Faculty of Law of Vilnius University, acquired Master qualification degree in law.
Professional activities:
In 2003 started to work as a specialist of the Law Department of Medicinos bankas AB. On 2005 started working as an assistance to judge at the District Court of Molėtai Region. On 18 May 2012 was included in the list of attorneys-at-law and works at law firm SPES.
Lithuanian, German, Russian.
Main fields of action:
Insolvency and restructuring, corporate law, real property and construction law, public procurement, tax disputes, dispute resolution.
Successfully represented a client - one of the largest companies in the construction sector - in an oral hearing before the Supreme Court of Lithuania in a dispute regarding the validity of the obligation to pay for poor quality work. The Court of Cassation upheld the cassation appeal prepared by the attorney-at-law and rejected the claims brought by the subcontractor who had performed the substandard work.
Successfully represented a client in a tax dispute over the lawfulness of the tax arrears calculated by the tax administrator. The court found that the actions carried out by the parties to the transactions which were the object of the dispute had economic and business-related reasons; therefore, in the case in question, there are no grounds for acknowledging the taxpayer’s actions as abuse of law. The court has also explained that no legal act obliges the taxpayer to choose a method of exercise of his rights which is less favourable to him; therefore, for the purposes of evaluation of the lawfulness of the behaviour of the parties to tax legal relationship, the administrator must observe the criterion of reasonableness. The client’s interests were fully defended in the case and the unreasonably calculated tax arrears were cancelled.
Successfully represented a client in a tax dispute concerning the tax administrator’s refusal to spread of payment of the tax arrears. Having heard the case, the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania found that the tax administrator has breached the principle of good administration, since he improperly and not fully evaluated the documents provided by the client, adopted the decision without analysing the consequences which could arise in case of refusal to satisfy the client’s application for deferral or spread of payment of the tax arrears.
Successfully represented a client, i.e. former manager of the bankrupt company, in a dispute concerning indemnification of damage to the creditors. The court was convinced by the arguments of the attorney-at-law that the damage to the creditors was a result of a failure of the business; therefore, the court has held that the conditions of civil liability of the manager have not been proven in the case.
Successfully represented a client, i.e. the real property project developer, in a dispute with Vilnius City Municipality Administration over award of income not received as a result of unlawful termination of fixed-term lease contract. The court awarded the client EUR 214,774.81 in unearned income.
Successfully represented the client before the court of cassation defending the client against the unreasonable claim for return of the unjustly acquired property. The Supreme Court of Lithuania satisfied the appeal of cassation drawn up by the attorney-at-law and annulled the judgement of the lower court unfavourable to the client whereby the amount off EUR 200,000 was awarded from the client.
Participated in the preparation of a restructuring plan for restructuring of one of the clients, advised the company under restructuring throughout the entire restructuring proceedings which have ended successfully. Thanks to a joint effort the company was restored to solvency.
Advised clients on corporate acquisitions, high-value share purchase and sale transactions, prepared transaction documents.
Advised clients and participated in the preparation of reorganization, separation and liquidation documents for legal entities.
Provides ongoing consultations and other legal services to one of the largest companies in the Lithuanian construction sector.
Provides ongoing advice and other legal services to a foreign capital company operating in the field of financial services.
Provides ongoing advice and represents several major entities in the agricultural sector.
Provides comprehensive legal services to one of the largest Lithuanian logistics, freight forwarding and cargo carriage companies.