Insurance Law

Our lawyers provide legal services to insurance companies, insurance brokers and policyholders in diverse issues of insurance law: legal opinions on the validity of payment/refusal to pay the insurance cover, advice on conclusion and performance of insurance contracts, re-insurance, subrogation, the activities of insurance companies and other issues. We represent our clients in negotiations and resolution of insurance disputes. In insurance cases, examined by the courts of different instances, we have defended both the interests of the insurer and the policyholder; therefore, we are able to offer professional and extensive legal assistance to every client.


We prepared documents and represented a client (the policyholder) in a dispute with an insurance company concerning an unjustified reduction of an insurance cover in the amount more than EUR 100,000. The dispute was completed by a settlement agreement.

We successfully represented a client in litigation initiated by insurance company and defended the client’s interests against a recourse claim.

We represented a client in litigation with an insurance company concerning an award of insurance cover. The court recognised that the circumstances under which the client’s property was damaged constituted an insured event and awarded an insurance cover to be paid to the client.

We advised a client on transferring of risks to the insurer, coordinated mutual agreements and reservations of insurance terms and conditions.

We represented a client in the appellate process in a civil dispute with an insurance company for recognising an event to be an insured one and award of the insurance benefit. The court admitted that insurance cover in this case started on the date indicated in the insurance policy and the start of the insurance period is not linked to payment of the first insurance premium. The panel of judges reversed the judgement of the court of first instance unfavourable for the client and admitted that the client was entitled to the insurance benefit.

According to the request of a life insurance company, we presented our legal opinion of possible legal arguments in the client’s legal dispute with the policyholder concerning repayment of insurance premiums.

Lawyers of the law firm prepared a legal opinion on the insurer’ obligation to pay an advance insurance cover in the amount more than EUR 2,700,000 to compensate the damage caused by a fire in the premises of one of the largest enterprises of the Northern Lithuania.

We provided legal services to a policyholder in a civil dispute (case) with an insurance company concerning the payment of an insurance cover for damage caused in result of a fire in a building. The court upheld the major part the claims in the civil action.