Energy Law

We advise and provide extensive legal services, represent clients in legal relationship in various fields of energy sectors (electricity, gas, heat, etc.). Managerial work experience in energy enterprises and participation in preparation of various draft legislation of the firm’s lawyers ensure professional provision of services.


We represented a central heating provider in a civil dispute under an agreement for connection of a consumer’s natural gas system to the system of the gas supplier (the amount of the dispute exceeded EUR 2,800,000). The dispute was completed by a settlement agreement.

Upon request of several municipalities of Lithuania we carried out legal assessments of contractual and related documentation of modernisation and renovation of the city’s heating facilities and their actual implementation.

We represented a heating supplier of the North Western city of Lithuania in an administrative dispute concerning disconnection of heating and hot water supply system from the heating network. The applicants waived their complaint soon after the submission of the client’s position in writing.

We represented a district municipality in litigation with a lessee of the heating facilities concerning recovery of the property of heating facilities and recognition of their ownership before the courts of all instances. The client’ claim was partially upheld. The counter-claim of the respondents to the municipality concerning invalidation of the termination of the modernisation and renovation agreement, ordering to perform it in kind and awarding a compensation was dismissed.

We represented the client (as a respondent) in litigation under a preventive action concerning injunction whereby it is prohibited to hinder heat energy supplying. The court of the first instance rejected the claim in the preventive action. The court of the appellate instance upheld the judgement.

We represented a public sector institution in administrative proceedings concerning verification of activities of an energy enterprise and challenging of the results.

We represented a client in a dispute with a public sector institutions and law enforcement authorities concerning lawfulness of construction and operation of energy facilities.

We represented a client in a dispute with an energy enterprise concerning construction of a biofuel co-firing power plant.