About us

Law Firm SPES was founded in 1992 as the law firm of R. Andrikis, A. Liutvinskas, P. Makauskas and V. Sviderskis and is one of the oldest law firms in Lithuania. A rapidly developing economic, social and legal environment and higher needs of the Clients have necessitated the enlargement and the coming of new qualified professionals into the law firm. Currently the lawyers of the law firm, mostly with specialisation in specific areas of commercial law, have the capacity to render constructive, overall and operative legal services to their Clients.

The law firm employs highly qualified lawyers with professional experience built up during their previous practice as attorneys, judges (R. Andrikis, Z. Peciulis, J.Jasaitis) and lawyers in the state authorities and enterprises. The members of our team characterize for their self-rigour and strict attitude towards their professional competence. Therefore in response to substantial changes in the Lithuanian law and its developments, as well as while searching for the optimal solutions that satisfy the needs of the Client, the lawyers of the law firm improve their qualifications in seminars dealing with specific practice areas, analyse international practice, follow the market and business dynamics.

The Lawyers of the law firm provide legal assistance to Lithuanian and foreign legal entities, as well as to public authorities. We represent our clients before the Lithuanian courts of all instances and the European Court of Human Rights. Legal assistance is offered in Lithuanian, English and Russian.
Experience, enthusiasm and respect to the Client are the core factors letting us to achieve the maximum goals. The key principles of our firm’s work are professionalism, quality and rapid action.